What designs work best?

Well, everyone’s taste is different, so there is no silver bullet. However, we will always suggest to;

a)  Think about the things that can make the design bespoke to you, this could be a logo, your name / nickname or an image that means something to you.
b) Pick out the elements of the frame design that can be carried into the saddle.
c) Keep it simple, sometimes less is more. The quality of the materials and a classic design often speak for themselves.

When we produced a saddle for one of our own bikes we followed these three principles.

1) We included our logo and initials so everyone knows whose bike it is.

Pinstripe Selle Italia SLR

2) We included the pin stripe design from the frame matching the spacing and colour of the paint to the thread.





3) We think this is a very simple and classic design really complimenting the frame, making it a stunner on the start line of local time trials. We hope you agree.




We hope you like our design and we would love to talk to you about yours.