Lanzarote Special

The design is special, in the fact its for a bike that is not in the UK. It is in fact a resident of Lanzarote. When deciding on the design, our three key principles were taken into account

1) Make it personal and bespoke to you – The Island of Lanzarote is a great place for cycling, but one thing you are never far from is a gecko, whether that’s the ones that strike fear into my wife, the ones sold in souvenir shops or ones that have been painted, drawn or sculptured in many different mediums. In fact, you will find them everywhere, so what better to include in the design.

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JB's Lanza Bike Design

2) Link the frame design to the saddle – You will notice the white leather and threads match the frame in fact we used a pantone reference for the threads to get the perfect match. We actually have 350 colours to choose from so we can always get a great match for your design.

Close up


3) Keep it simple – Well, we think the simplicity of this design is its strength, not too much not too little. We hope you do.


These are just a few images of the bike on the Island. Just drop us a line if you want to discuss your bespoke design.

Lanza CobblesFermes View

Fire Mountain