The Joker


You want what?  I want a saddle that draws reference from the “Joker” in Batman I am having a bike sprayed in the same theme and I want the saddle to match.

Okay, so this is really going to be a real Bespoke saddle.  The client provided a sketch using their best colouring skills and a few images.

 Joker Inspiration


We converted that into a design.

Joker Design

The finished article looked great we hope you agree.  Just let us know how we can bring your dream to life.



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Making the saddle a “Viner”

The client for this saddle really wanted the saddle to match the frame. They simply sent us their requirements, including some helpful photographs. We took these elements and turned them into a digital design using our software ensuring the stitching is the right density.

Ray notes


Viner Saddle

We then stripped the saddle and ensured the base was ready to take its new cover. Part of the skill involved in creating these saddles is ensuring everything lines up otherwise it will look terrible on the bike. The fact we use the highest grade automotive leather really helps as we have ensured it’s the perfect thickness to allow us to stretch it over the base.

We hope you agree this saddle is definitely a “Viner”, our client certainly did

“Thanks so much for this guys. As you can see it looks the business”




Just drop us a line if you want to discuss your bespoke design and get us to come up with some designs.

Lanzarote Special

The design is special, in the fact its for a bike that is not in the UK. It is in fact a resident of Lanzarote. When deciding on the design, our three key principles were taken into account

1) Make it personal and bespoke to you – The Island of Lanzarote is a great place for cycling, but one thing you are never far from is a gecko, whether that’s the ones that strike fear into my wife, the ones sold in souvenir shops or ones that have been painted, drawn or sculptured in many different mediums. In fact, you will find them everywhere, so what better to include in the design.

images (1)images (2)

JB's Lanza Bike Design

2) Link the frame design to the saddle – You will notice the white leather and threads match the frame in fact we used a pantone reference for the threads to get the perfect match. We actually have 350 colours to choose from so we can always get a great match for your design.

Close up


3) Keep it simple – Well, we think the simplicity of this design is its strength, not too much not too little. We hope you do.


These are just a few images of the bike on the Island. Just drop us a line if you want to discuss your bespoke design.

Lanza CobblesFermes View

Fire Mountain



Birds flyin’ high, you know how I feel – Inspiration for your bespoke saddle design

Birds flyin’ high, you know how I feel – Inspiration for your design


Inspiration for your saddle can come from many places, in fact, you will be amazed what we can turn into a design. For this saddle we wanted to do something that had relevance to the local area.

We are lucky enough to be based on the south coast where you often see some beautiful flocks of birds across the coastline. The ones that fly above Brighton Pier are particularly stunning.

Bird inspiration


We agreed that a design incorporating this beautiful scene would be very cool. So we simply searched the internet for some inspiration and found numerous images we could use.



That’s when Barry skills start to come to life. He takes the image and transforms it into a digital file, ensuring the number of stitches is suitable to deliver a stunning design that will be able to stand the test of time.


So if you have something you would like incorporated into a design just let us know and we can transform your dream into reality.





Flying Birds




What designs work best?

Well, everyone’s taste is different, so there is no silver bullet. However, we will always suggest to;

a)  Think about the things that can make the design bespoke to you, this could be a logo, your name / nickname or an image that means something to you.
b) Pick out the elements of the frame design that can be carried into the saddle.
c) Keep it simple, sometimes less is more. The quality of the materials and a classic design often speak for themselves.

When we produced a saddle for one of our own bikes we followed these three principles.

1) We included our logo and initials so everyone knows whose bike it is.

Pinstripe Selle Italia SLR

2) We included the pin stripe design from the frame matching the spacing and colour of the paint to the thread.





3) We think this is a very simple and classic design really complimenting the frame, making it a stunner on the start line of local time trials. We hope you agree.




We hope you like our design and we would love to talk to you about yours.

B-Hide’s creation to compliment a stunning Colnago C59

Recently we had the pleasure of being asked to provide a saddle to compliment a 2013 Colnago C59.



Before we started the design we felt it was important to understand the background of such a beautiful frame and we thought we would share these findings with others.

It all began in 1952, when aged only 20, Ernesto Colnago handed in his notice at the Gloria bike factory to set up on his own in Cambiago, his small hometown to the northeast of Milan. A keen racer himself, Colnago was soon building wheels for some of the best Italian racing cyclists of that era, including Giorgio Albani, the multiple stage winner of the Giro d’Italia, and the legendary Fausto Coppi.


Colnago has worked with many great riders, but no rider did more for the brand than Eddy Merckz who won just about every major title after he joined the Molteni team riding Colnagos in the early 1970s. Merckx’s haul included the Tour de France, the Giro and the spring Classics. In perhaps his most celebrated collaboration with the brand, ‘The Cannibal’ also obliterated the world-hour record in 1971 on a bespoke bike that Colnago developed using a titanium stem, drilled chainrings and alloys that were so advanced they had to be made in the United States because the technology required was not available in Europe.

Colnago has never been shy of innovation from crimped Columbus tubing, to the first carbon lugged bike collaboration, which had hydraulic brakes and gears that work like a F1 gearbox. This was the first of several collaborations with Ferrari in 1986.

1986 Ferrari Bike


Although each Colnago is still designed in-house, now only the C59 and steel Master are built in Italy, and that’s mainly because they require lug construction.

The C59 is considered by many as the flagship model, but this particular model is even more special with its art decor paint design is based on the old Colnago arabesque frame and the arrows in the design were chromed lugs on the steel arabesque.

So with such a beautiful frame it was imperative we create something to compliment. As you can see from the pictures below we have integrated both the logo using our gold thread and the arrows using appliqué. We firmly believe simple designs are the most effective, but we can work with you to create the saddle you want to compliment your dream machine.

1IMG_9684_720x449 C59 SaddleColnago Special


During our research we also found another link to Colnago and B-Hide. In 1982 Giuseppe Saronni on this Colnago Mexico won the World Championship road race at Goodwood which is just a short spin from our workshop.

Mexico Bike



Custom embroidered Selle Italia saddles

You may have recently watched the brilliant film “Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist”. Well before the film was launched Barry and I had chatted about the amazing saddle designs Selle Italia produced to celebrate his victories.


Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist


Bianchi produced him a beautiful Mega Pro XL Reparto Corse using a lightweight Dedacciai doubled-butted 7000-series shaped alloy tubeset and a Campagnolo Record group set. The total bike weight varied from stage to stage but quoted figures hover around 8.1kg (17.9lb).   Selle Italia took their flite saddle and produced a custom saddle for Pantani using his nick nameIl Pirata’ as inspiration.

Pantani's Bianchi

Pantani’s Bianchi

Pantani's Selle Italia Flite

Pantani’s Selle Italia Flite

Selle Italia also produced some other embroidered saddles for Colnago and Pinarello.

Pinarello Selle Italia

Pinarello Selle Italia

Colnago Selle Italia

Colnago Selle Italia

I also found this Mario Cipollini “The King Lion” special edition and a Tinker Juarez saddle, they clearly liked yellow as a base.

Tinker Juarez's Selle Italia

Tinker Juarez’s Selle Italia


Mario Cipollini's Selle Italia

Mario Cipollini’s Selle Italia


What do you think the pro rider of today would like?