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Hand-crafted bicycle saddles – The story of Barry and Jason

Have a healthy addiction to riding, racing and collecting a host of bikes? Then you’re just like B-Hide’s founders, Barry and Jason.

 A passion for cycling

Barry and Jason have been riding together for many years and are members of Blazing Saddles racing team; they have plenty of stories to tell. Like you, they understand the beauty and camaraderie of road cycling – embracing every climb and descent and after-ride analysis.

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The bespoke saddle

The idea for a truly bespoke saddle came from a post-ride coffee and cake. They were frustrated by the fact that none of their bikes  had a saddle to perfectly match and compliment the frames.

The master craftsman and the marketing specialist

Barry has over 25 years’ experience in the creation of prestige automotive interiors. Jason has extensive experience of bringing big-name brands to market. Together, they decided that if they can’t get the bespoke saddle they wanted, they’d make them themselves.

Good mates

Limited Edition bespoke saddles

The idea became a reality. And now B-Hide offers unrivalled craftsmanship at a price that means those who are passionate about their road machines can add that personal touch to their existing saddle.

See how your bespoke saddle is made