The Process – Saddle Creation

Creating the perfect saddle to compliment your bike

Barry’s experience of crafting high-grade automotive interiors means the process benefits from the highest quality control.

Step 1 – The existing cover is removed and prepared to receive its bespoke design.

  Stripping the donor saddle

Step 2 - Your submitted design is then processed through the software to create a perfect cutter guide for the leather


Making the template

Step 3 - The highest grade automotive leather [click to find out more] is cut to size and any design is embroidered using the best possible threads [click to find out more]


Step 4 - The finished cover is then shaped and fitted to the donor saddle

Fitting to the saddle

Step 5 - We will then dispatch your hand-crafted saddle using Royal Mail special delivery so it arrives safe and sound.

Saddle Dispatch

Step 6 - You fit the saddle to your bike, stand back and admire your truly unique masterpiece.

Step 7 - Review your purchase and post us a picture of your saddle fitted to your dream machine. Click here for Facebook Reviews.

The process should take about six weeks  from us receiving the  approved design.  If it is going to take any longer we will let you know in advance.

More information about the materials we use for your saddle